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About Us

SmartRest is an Australian brand, designed and owned by Australian company Eagleye (established in 2012). As hunting and shooting enthusiasts we dedicated our time and effort in design and innovation, pushing boundaries in attempt to create items which enhance the effectiveness of a shooter in the field. Our quality tops the priority list and we are completely dedicated to providing the user absolute satisfaction with our models.

SmartRest gun rest and light mount models cover most applicable areas in the field, off a bench and while hunting. The goal is to make each shot count, by providing consistency, and the ability to keep a steady hold on a target for long periods of time. These attributes are also desirable for the photographer and film enthusiast. 

SmartRest are experts in:

  • Innovation - Research and development
  • Design - We design from field experience, our hunters push boundaries and test the products in the harshest conditions
  • Manufacturing - Our team is dedicated to bring consistent quality

All SmartRest products are distributed to Trade accounts and resellers / dealers (both domestic and Internationally) by Eagleye Hunting Gear.