SmartRest Racken Rest II Short Gun Rack

$ 359.00 AUD

SmartRest Racken Rest II Short Gun Rack


The Racken Rest II is an Australian designed gun rest designed to hold a rifle on a vehicle window sill while driving the vehicle. It can mount to either sides of a vehicle door. The rest is capable of holding a rifle in place to keep the rifle firmly fixed in place. This means a shooter will not be required to repeatedly set up or remove a rifle every time he/she needs to take a shot. The mount has a swivelling capability for lateral and vertical movement. The tension controlled vertical and horizontal swivelling action has a range which is unmatched by any other rest ever developed for the doors of a vehicle. The arms are also telescopically adjustable for height and length to adjust for each rifle and shooter. 

The Short Racken Rest is designed for:

  • Toyota Land Cruiser with quarter window (note: not all Landcruiser models need the short model. Mainly needed for square shaped windows)
  • Land Rovers
  • Rear Windows
  • As a universal model: By adding a shorter strut to the front, the Short Racken Rest II can be modified to fit almost all windows (note: The standard issue front strut may be too long for standard shaped vehicle doors, a medium strut will be needed - Contact Eagleye for assistance)

Racken Rest II Upgrades:

  • Included Double Swivel Mount: Now included as a standard issue
  • Sturdier build. Eliminating welding on key points has enhanced the weight bearing capacity of the swivels
  • Longer mid tube section: Allows more adjustments within the cradle
  • Extended Rear Arm: Longer extension arms allow for more adjustment for rifle positioning in the cradle and comfort for shooter adjustability
  • Ball Points Locators On the base: Provides a home position where the swivel arm is gently but firmly locked into position
  • An optional balance strut: An after sale item for heavy barrel and suppressor type firearms we have an option to attach a strut which helps bear the forward heavy weight of the firearm
  • An Optional “Lean to Pad and Brace”: An after sale item for shooters that simply want to shoot from a padded bar as a secondary option as opposed to fully mounted in the cradle
  • Off Set Arms: An after sale item for rifles with magazines we have developed a configuration that allows for large magazines and pistol grips
  • Strap Down Option: An after sale item to counter the talk of barrel interference and accuracy from strapping over barrel
  • New Colour and sleek looking design

Note: The Racken Rest II (Short Model Only) now comes with longer V Mount Tubes, for extra height adjustment abilities that may be necessary for lower window sills  


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