SmartRest Lone Shooter - X - No Spotlight

by SmartRest
Model: SRLS-X
$ 716.90 AUD

SmartRest Lone Shooter - X - No Spotlight

by SmartRest

The Lone Shooter X is a beefed up version of the Lone Shooter Kit. Utilizing heavy duty parts and a Quick Release system which can carry spotlights, thermals and more. As in the standard Lone Shooter it is a combination of Gun Rest and a remote mount kit for scanning. SmartRest and Powabeam combine to make up Lone Shooter - X. 

It's designed to allow the shooter to scan from a seated position from a vehicle door. The scanner can be connected to a viewing screen inside the vehicle via wifi or hard wire from the scanner unit. That way the hunter or shooter can view the scanned images on the screen. You can add a Dual QR Mount to run thermal and spotlight concurrently.  

The Lone Shooter - X comes with:

1 x Racken Rest II - SRRRLII (Long or Short - SmartRest brand)

1 x Light Bracket Adapter - SRSMB (SmartRest brand - we also offer a "deluxe" Model which you can select)

1 x Remote Bracket - SR310 for RC500 (SmartRest brand) 

1 x Remote - RC500 (PowaBeam brand)

1 x Quick Release Clamp (SRWC) and Rail (SRTWR) combined is known as (SRQRA)

(Optional - add a Dual QR Mount to run either spotlight, laser, torch or thermal side by side)

Note 1: All Deluxe adapters require a DIY 8mm hole to be drilled into the Racken rear plate (instructions provided)  

Note 2: If you only require individual parts they are all available separately.  


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