Z-Vision NV-303 - IR Torch

Model: NV-303
$ 369.00

Z-Vision NV-303 - IR Torch


The Z-VISION NV-303 is the Ultimate 3 in 1 night vision torch with a wide range of applications and packed full of features.
This unit combines a rotating 3 pill combination of a RED XP-E LED by Cree USA, a IR940 & IR850 OSRAM-LED for easy changing between red visual light and IR options instantly by simply turning the control dial. The IR850 give maximum distance to compliment your digital night vision scope while the IR940 makes you virtually  invisible with no red glow for the animals to see for close up shots.
The rotating axle pills ensure there is no change in your point of aim on changing pill options.
The NV-303 has a dimmable power dial allowing the ultimate control over the light output.
Kit includes a dial tail switch with a coil cord dial switch for fore grip light control.
Fast front focus convex lens letting you change from broad flood to high piercing beam with a simple twist of the head of the torch.

Kit batteries will out last you on a night time Hunt no need to by extra batteries

Beam range: Red 500-600m (with your eyes being the limiting factor) will shine eyes up to 1000m. 
IR940   0-390
IR850   0-520

Packing list:

1 x Torch with 3 in 1 rotating pill - Red- IR 850 -IR 940

1 x Coil cord end cap on/off with intensity dial control   

1 x Wall & car charger 

2 x 2900 Z-VISION 18650 Batteries

1 x Quick rifle mount 

1 x Premium hard carry case with foam inserts

3yr Z-VISION Warranty


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