Z-Vision Light Bar - 12 - Red and White

Model: Zbar - RW12
$ 399.00

Z-Vision Light Bar - 12 - Red and White


The Z-VISION light bar is a stealth LED light bar featuring red and white LED in one unit. The ability to switch from a white horizontal light to a red angled light which gives you the perfect paddock stealth bar at night. The red LED provides minimal disturbance to livestock and game. 


RW-6: 360mm wide x 75mm high x 85mm deep.

RW-12: 700mm wide x 75mm high x 85mm deep. 

Power specs:

- 12v - 24v

- 120W

- 7.6 Amps (per colour running at one time)

Suitable for all vehicles for field use.   

Warning:  All buyers are responsible for checking local road laws with the mounting of light bars including red LED’s. The Zbar RW-6 (or 12) is not intended to be a spot light. Its purpose is an infield navigation light while spotlighting or thermal scanning.

Disclaimer: condensation is not a warrantable issue with light bars. It is a common occurrence with all light bars and is not detrimental to the function of the light bar. The LED produces heat, which then cools when turned off hence creating water condensation. The heat of the light bar once turned on again will evaporate the moisture again. 


Zbar - RW12
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