Shadow Light/Thermal Mount

by SmartRest
Model: SRSDM
$ 229.00 AUD

Shadow Light/Thermal Mount

by SmartRest

The SmartRest Shadow Mount will hold your spotlight or scanner/camera securely attached to the window frame of your vehicle using the special “Shadow Clamp” system that does not interfere with the window operation of your window. If the weather turns bad, you can wind up the window without having to dismount the unit.


- All Steel Structure: Solid, strong and long lasting.

- Quick Dismount Frame: Knob screws allow quick removal of the frame when the unit is not in use.

- Safety Slip Plate: Special Slip Clutch Plate will automatically rotate the Mounted Unit out of the way if you hit a snag. This avoids potential damage to the equipment or vehicle in case you hit a tree branch. 

- Shadow Clamps: Trade Marked by SmartRest, these unique, slim hooks are strong and compact, designed to avoid interference on the glass.


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