SmartRest Gun Clamp for Tripod

by SmartRest
Model: SRTGC
$ 189.00 AUD

SmartRest Gun Clamp for Tripod

by SmartRest

The Gun Clamp is a SmartRest designed clamp with thick padded walls, a strong reinforced alloy body, stainless fasteners and a large knob screw for easy handling. It also includes an arca rail on the base which is removable if required. The arca rail is fastened with two screws rather than one for extra strength and no unwanted rotation. 

Specs below:

- Weight: 500grams

- Body Material: Aluminium alloy

- Base comes fitted with 2 x 1/4 - 20 button head screws to fasten the aca rail. However underneath the arca is a 3/8 x 16 thread with a 1/4 - 20 thread adapter. This allows for use with either 1/4 or 3/8 threads.  

- Thick rubber padding

- Large tightening knob for easy handling

- Reinforced walls with weight efficient design

- Strong alloy body with stainless fasteners

- Minimum close for standard issue: 33mm

- Maximum open for standard issue: 51mm

- Interchangeable padding available (thinner padding available to allow for larger gap). Note: this will require D.I.Y removal of the thick rubber and replace with thinner rubber. 



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