Z-Vision HS-33 Head Torch

Model: HS-33
$ 299.00

Z-Vision HS-33 Head Torch


The Z-VISION HS-33 headset is the newest headset to the HS range, it is the perfect multi colour head torch, with the new 3 in 1 pill system, all 3 colours Red, White and Green in the one unit with no need to change out pills, change colour with a quick turn of the dial. Includes fish eye lens as a standard issue. 

Each colour gives great light coverage to light up any dark situation.  

The HS-33 features a comfortable molded shaped head strap that keeps the HS-33 pointed in the right direction with a durable wide elastic band. Beam range out to 250m with your eyes being the limiting factor.

this unit features a dimable dial switch so you have full control over the light output. 

Kit batteries will out last you on a night time Hunt no need to by extra batteries 

Fast 360 degree fast focus turns beam focus from flood to beam.

The HS-33 uses original XLamp® XP-E LED's by CREE USA.  The XLamp® XP-E LED combines the proven lighting-class performance and reliability of the XLamp® XR-E LED in a package with an 80% smaller footprint.

Packing list:

1 x Headset torch with standard fish eye lens 

1 x Wall charger

1 x Car charger cord

2 x 18650 batteries

1 x Premium hard carry case with foam inserts

3yr Z-VISION Warranty


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