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Product Description

Gaerne is the name you will remember when it comes to quality boots, with over 50 years in manufacturing of the finest Italian Leather. They are fully Waterproof, the materials used to construct these boots are of the highest quality. The hand craft work leaves no question to the consumer, that you are wearing one of the worlds best. 
The Outer Skin
The Outer Skin Leather is the finest selection of 3 millimeter thick NUBUCK HS leather which offers protection from moisture, erosion, heat and the cold.
The majority of the lower part of the FALCONE boot is made from one piece of leather which includes the toe, sides and tongue unique to a Gaerne design. The result is a strong waterproof protective yet flexible structure.
The Inner Boot
Drytech breathable lining allows foot and body moisture to wick out of the boot. Drytech is specially designed for high quality boots, guaranteed for warm and dry feet.

The Soles
Gaerne uses werewolf VIBRAM soles. They are stitched and glued to the full cut of leather, which means that if the soles were completely removed, you would be left with a moccasin type sock of 3mm of leather. This is a great feature, generally only found in the best crafted boots. 
VIBRAM is the world leader in High Performance soling systems.
* Advanced rubber technologies
* Cutting Edge Sole designs

The Laces 

Designed in the speed lace style, for fast even lace tension

Technical Data
UPPERS: NABUK HS 3 mm Waterproof leather.
LINING: Hydro Calf Leather and Drytech lining.
SIZE RANGE: 39 - 48 (5.5 - 13)